The TV Shows That Stood Out To Me In 2014


Disclaimer: Before reading this list of the five TV shows that stood out to me in 2014 I feel it important to state that I am not saying that the shows on this list are the absolute best shows of 2014 and that everything else was sub-par in comparison. These are simply the TV shows that grabbed my attention and held onto it for dear life, these shows demanded my attention and they certainly got it. Finally this list is in no particular order because it didn’t feel fair to pick favourites, anyway onto the shows.

2014 was another brilliant year for TV. The shows that graced our screens this year really stepped up their game and for me personally this year had some of the most consistently good television. Whether they were from online streaming services or tried and trusted channels there was a ton of great stuff for me and everyone else to sink their teeth into and then talk about it with their friends in length. So saying all that, let’s get onto the list. Read more