Review – Dumbo

Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton, certainly has some charm to it, and on a few occasions won me over with its dazzling visuals and its lovingly endearing big eared character, but for the most part, Dumbo was a pretty formulaic and unimaginative experience that offered no surprises and never had me as emotionally invested as the original did. Let’s see what it is about this film that has it feeling so… bland, and discover if it’s worth your time. Read more

Review – Big Eyes


Big Eyes directed by Tim Burton is a film that starts off with such promise. It captures the look and feel of 1950’s America perfectly, it a has a simple yet sweet little story of a women trying to rediscover her place in the world and wanting to share her art with it, but unfortunately the films quickly descends into a clunky, poorly paced film with some uncomfortably bad and at times over the top acting. I left the film bored and completely disinterested in anything more it had to say, which is a shame. Read more