Review – Wind River

Wind River, written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, is a film with a haunting, quiet rage pulsating throughout it. With a vast, chilling landscape, some deeply nuanced characters and a plot that slowly hollows you out; Wind River is a film that makes its way into your bones and leaves you thinking about it, long after the credits have rolled. But what it is specifically about this film that makes it so memorable? I plan to answer that question and explore as much of this film as possible, through my review. So, let’s get to it. Read more

Review – ARQ


ARQ, directed by Tony Elliott, is a contained sci-fi film with a concept that is certainly not new, but it does deliver a situation and some characters that keep the momentum and your engagement from slipping. With a short runtime (90 minutes) and a clear and interesting endgame, I was fully on board with seeing how this sci-fi story would play out. So let’s jump into the review and see if this is just actually another overdone, high-concept sci-fi film, or perhaps something worth your time. Read more