Review – Entebbe

Entebbe (or ‘7 Days in Entebbe’ for readers outside the UK), directed by José Padilha, could have very easily been simple and plain in its execution, but surprisingly ended up being an engaging film that held my interest throughout. I think in large part because of the reasonably large and well-developed set of characters that the film offers/explores; Entebbe was a film that I was eager to keep watching. It isn’t a film that necessarily does anything outstanding, but it does take a very simple story and make it into something more than what it could have been. So, let’s find our way into the review and see if this is a film worth your time, shall we. Read more

Review – Hostiles

Hostiles, written and directed by Scott Cooper, offers a solemn, introspective look at a transitional point in American history. Not only was America changing; shifting towards a new way of life, but the people who had been moulded by the old ways, also had to change, or be left behind. Taking on damaged, seemingly irredeemable individuals, the film takes us on a journey that is meaningful and full of hardships – all in the hopes of finding a way to heal. This might be Scott Cooper’s best work to date and I’m eager to talk in detail about this incredible film he’s created. On with the review. Read more

Review – A United Kingdom


A United Kingdom, directed by Amma Asante, offers a compelling story, one that I’m interested to go forth and learn more about. The problem is, the film puts such a fixed-focus on that story, that it fails to adequately explore the heart of the film; it’s main characters, who are deserving of as much time and focus, as the story was. Due to the film not balancing its two most integral elements, there is a lack of humanity; to what is the truest human story: love. But let’s get the review underway, and see if, A United Kingdom does enough to keep you invested in what is has to show. Read more