Review – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is a loud, crass, childish, empty film that by the end had me completely bored by everything it had to offer. This is the type of film where it tries to fill the screen with seemingly interesting or exciting content, but if you look at it closely (to be honest you don’t have to look that close) you realise just how little this film actually gives itself to work with. I was utterly bored by the end of this film and couldn’t wait for it to be over. But why was that the case? Where did it go wrong to make this the case? Let’s explore those questions and more in my review. Read more

Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service


Kingsman: The Secret Service directed Matthew Vaughn is a film with a bit of an identity crisis, in one way the film wants to hark back to the classic spy films, ala Goldfinger and the likes but Kingsman also wants to give these classic spy films an edgier and up to date feel and because of this things quickly get messy and tonally all over the place. Read more