My Favourite Games From 2015

So I have to be honest with you from the outset. 2015 is a year of in which I have played the least amount of games in a long time, and it is also the year in which overall I’ve spent the least amount of time with games. I’m not sure why, a lot of the games on offer have been enticing. I think like we all do from time to time, a wee break was what I preferred.

That being said I haven’t been completely void of the interactive experiences, a few games still caught my fancy enough that I had to pick them up and sink a healthy level of hours into them.

So this list will comprise of those games that I enjoyed the most in 2015. Now I’m not saying that these are the best of the best – as you already know I didn’t come close to playing everything. So I’m just going to share with you what out of the games I played I think were the best. Who knows maybe something will appear on this list that you also liked or maybe I’ll highlight a game that you’ve heard of but not yet played – anyway on with the list of my favourite games from 2015. Read more