Review – Money Monster

Money Monster

Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster, is a film that very early on loses what it wants to be. A larger, less human story takes over and leaves a lot behind, and in the middle of it all are characters that are woefully underdeveloped and at times overlooked. There are problems to dissect, so let’s get to it. Read more

Review – ’71


’71, directed by Yann Demange and starring Jack O’Connell is an intense and at times raw film that expertly drops you in the violent situation of Belfast in 1971. Despite a few missteps on the part of the structuring and some under developed supporting characters in the film, ’71 concisely gets across the story and the message that it wants to tell and with some wonderful camera work, brilliant performances and a realism that this type of film deserves, ’71 certainly delivers a powerful experience. Read more