Review – Bright

Bright, directed by David Ayer, is a film riddled with elements that continually clash with one another; creating a disjointed, muddled feeling experience. A director and a writer whose styles don’t mix, a tone that is all over the place, a world that’s rules felt more like punch-lines, rather than interesting world-building, and poor attempts at social commentary; all collide with one another to create a film with no clear direction. There are parts to Ayer’s ability as a director that make the film enjoyable (at times) but this is a film that really struggles to find a balance at any point. So let’s explore those imbalances, and see where this film goes wrong. Read more

Review – Under the Shadow


Under the Shadow, written and directed by Babak Anvari, is a film that feels different in not only its approach to its story, but also where it is set, how it feels in its initial lead up and then later on when things escalate in tension. Unlike other films in the genre (horror) I liked how the film takes its time to settle you into the world of the characters and then slowly builds to its main focus-point. Even with the contained nature of ‘Under the Shadow’, I still have quite a bit to say, so let’s get on with it and see what makes this film a rewarding watch. Read more