This is my least favourite post I’ve written for this blog but it’s one I feel I need to right now. Since 2014, I’ve in some way been consistently uploading content to this blog and it’s be an outlet that has brought me so much peace and fulfilment. I love movies and any chance I can take to talk about them is one I’ll take. For a long time, this blog was my only way of truly expressing my opinions and feelings on films without ever feeling held back. I was fully in charge of every aspect of this blog (and that’s never changed) and having this little slice of the internet as my own has always brought me such joy. But sadly, the time has come to take a tiny little break from that consistent posting.

In recent months my want and eagerness to write and post reviews has been slipping. I’ve had a really intense and challenging few years, yet I never stopped pushing forward with this blog. But right now – for some reason I’m unsure of – films just aren’t speaking to me the same way they used too, and my enthusiasm to write about them just isn’t coming to me like it used too. I think there are a number of factors influencing that (which I don’t want to go into), but what I know is that the passion just isn’t there right now.

So, I will be taking a wee break from posting reviews and other sorts of pieces right now – I’ll more than likely be back for Avengers: Endgame, but that could be it for a little while. I know my following on here is small but generous, so thank you to anyone who has stopped by, dropped a like on one of my posts or left a comment. Any and all support I’ve been given has truly filled my heart with pride and joy. Thank you… and… I’ll be back!


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