Review – The Greasy Strangler


The Greasy Strangler, directed by Jim Hosking, is an oddball film that doesn’t follow the rules and leaves you in a creepy grossed out state of mind. This is a film that is definitely not for everyone, but for those people out there looking for something VERY different (like me) then this is certainly a film that’ll tickle your fancy. So let’s slide greasily into this review and see what oddities it throws out. Read more


Review – The Siege of Jadotville


The Siege of Jadotville, directed by Richie Smyth, is a film that fails to really invest you in anything; its characters, its conflict, its overall plot. Nothing really grabbed me in this film as memorable, a lot of the film feels very flat and void of anything of meaningful substance. So let’s just get into this review and start the breakdown of just where this film goes wrong. Read more

Review – Under the Shadow


Under the Shadow, written and directed by Babak Anvari, is a film that feels different in not only its approach to its story, but also where it is set, how it feels in its initial lead up and then later on when things escalate in tension. Unlike other films in the genre (horror) I liked how the film takes its time to settle you into the world of the characters and then slowly builds to its main focus-point. Even with the contained nature of ‘Under the Shadow’, I still have quite a bit to say, so let’s get on with it and see what makes this film a rewarding watch. Read more

Review – Oxenfree


Oxenfree, developed by Night School Studio, is a game that took a while for me to get on board with; I wasn’t enthused by the characters I was following and the initial gameplay felt a little laborious. But that didn’t fully last, as when things began to find their stride, I really got into the rhythm of the game. ‘Oxenfree’ will certainly not be  game for everyone and I feel this review will give some enlightenment behind that opinion – so let’s get things underway and see if this is a game for you. Read more

Review – The Girl on the Train


The Girl on the Train, directed by Tate Taylor, is a film that certainly offers up an interesting story, and certainly delivers some layered characters; however nothing is ever explored to the extent that feels meaningful. There are hints of really compelling elements, but in the films 2 hour runtime it never achieves what it first suggests it has to offer. This film is a mixed bag; it has some really good elements within it, but it also has a lot of failings to it as well. So let’s get the review on the tracks and see where this film might have gone wrong (I was going to finish that last sentence by saying ‘off the rails’ but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.) Anyway, review time. Read more

Review – Free State of Jones


Free State of Jones, directed by Gary Ross, is a film that completely fails to explore or enlighten the audience on what is an important and not well-known story from America’s past. Nothing stands out and nothing grabs your interest. We the audience are instead left to watch scenes that feel in desperate need of some context and more importantly compelling content. This review will probably not be the kindest of critiques so let’s get it underway. Read more

Review – Blood Father


Blood Father, directed by Jean-François Richet, is a simple film. One that doesn’t go in-depth with its exploration, but it does deliver enough that it keeps you entertained and engaged with what it wants to get done. This film doesn’t offer much for me to write about but it is still a film that is worth being talked about – so let’s get that going. Read more

Review – Swiss Army Man


Swiss Army Man, written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, is an uplifting, bizarre, tragic, silly film (in the best ways possible). This will be one of those films that might puzzle you at first, maybe even turn you off initially with its not so subtle introduction, but if you give it the time you’ll discover a film that has a lot to say and has a very weird way of approaching it all. This’ll certainly be an interesting film to review (because of how different it is) so let’s get on with it. Read more

Review – ARQ


ARQ, directed by Tony Elliott, is a contained sci-fi film with a concept that is certainly not new, but it does deliver a situation and some characters that keep the momentum and your engagement from slipping. With a short runtime (90 minutes) and a clear and interesting endgame, I was fully on board with seeing how this sci-fi story would play out. So let’s jump into the review and see if this is just actually another overdone, high-concept sci-fi film, or perhaps something worth your time. Read more