Sausage Party

Sausage Party, directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, is a film with a brilliantly funny concept at its core. However, with such an inventive concept, the film does rely heavily on jokes that aren’t very clever, and stereotypes that some will feel uncomfortable seeing. There is certainly something funny in ‘Sausage Party’, it’s just that it all feels a little to on the nose – subtlety is not something that was ever considered, that’s for sure. So let’s get into meat and potatoes (fully and unabashedly a pun. I’m not hiding from it) of ‘Sausage Party’ and see what is serves up (yes another pun, and I still don’t feel bad for doing it) – anyway, on with the review.

The food in the supermarket has been lied to. They believe that beyond the doors is a better place, a place where they will be free to enjoy the wonders of life – all they need is to be picked up and thrown into a shopping cart by a human (a God to food). But none of its true, beyond the doors of the supermarket lies only horrors and death. One little Hotdog seeks to find the truth and then show the various foods what really happens to them after they are chosen.

So from a conceptual standpoint, ‘Sausage Party’ is one of those ideas that causes you to say, “Why didn’t I think of that? It makes total sense to make a comedy out of this idea.” The idea is so simple yet so brilliant, and what I think this film succeeds at, is exploring it in all the dark twisted ways that you don’t first consider. Things get messed up; there were quite a few times in the cinema where I heard people laughing, but it was that kind of laughter that is caused from being uncomfortable by what’s been shown. I’d love to give some examples, as many come to mind, but I feel doing so would ruin some greatly surprising and disturbing moments.

But… here’s where my main issue with the film creeps in. The concept, yes it’s clever… but the jokes… well they’re not so clever. In fact there were quite a few times I was left wincing from just how direct and unimaginative some of the humour was; weed jokes, sexual innuendos, offensive stereotypes. I was disappointed at how quickly the film fell into humour that was so in your face. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I did feel let down by the lack of thought that was put into the films general dialogue – more so because of the set-up of the film.

I should make it clear that I personally wasn’t offended or upset by the direction that the film took to get laughs. I just was left numb by the try-hard nature of it. Nothing felt unique or thought-out. It at times just felt like another Seth Rogen-esque “comedy” film, where the “jokes” have a quantity over quality mantra. I also should state that if you’re someone who is easily offended; stay far away from this film, it’ll do nothing but upset you.

Trying to keep the momentum of the film is the plot; which is minimal to say the least. For me it did a decent enough job of moving things along and keeping me engaged. ‘Sausage Party’ comes close to over-staying its welcome, but thankfully a 90 minute run-time stops that from happening. Overall I knew the beats that the film was going to hit but it didn’t hinder my watching of the film.

‘Sausage Party’ is an interesting one. While I personally never laughed out loud – a chuckle here and there –there was certainly other people in the audience that got a kick out of the jokes. I feel that when I look back on the film I see elements to it that I enjoyed and thought were cleverly realised and I also see elements that left a lot to be desired. Some people will certainly struggle with some of the content in this film, but for me, in the end… I was fine with what I got.

I’m going to recommend Sausage Party. Be wary of this one as it isn’t for those of a sensitive disposition. But I think if you get a group of friends together and all go in expecting to have a good time, then this film will more than likely deliver what you’re looking for.

What are your thoughts on ‘Sausage Party’? Did you enjoy the film? Let me know in the comments down below. If you like what you read, perhaps you’d like to be kept up-to-date on when I post other reviews; may I suggest either following this blog directly or following me over on Twitter – @GavinsTurtle. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it so much.


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