Review – Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence, directed by Roland Emmerich, is a loud, silly, chaos filled film. But you know what? Despite all the problems (of which there are a few) I still came out of the film smiling and having had fun. Yes, the film is going to make your eyes roll (more than once) but if you have the lowered expectations that should come standard with a film like Independence Day… well then you’ll have just the right amount of enjoyment. So let’s explore then many things that make up the film and see what is what. Read more


Review – Trumbo


Trumbo, directed by Jay Roach, is a film that feels like a missed opportunity. The sad irony is that this is a film that focuses on a brilliant screenplay writer, yet it is severely harmed by a script that leaves the film an incoherent mess at times; necessary information that is overlooked, characters that exist in underdeveloped obscurity, and a story that feels lost as to what it wants to focus on. There is quite a bit that sadly makes this film a taxing and confusing watch, so let’s explore what those problems are in this review. Read more

Review – Victoria


Victoria, directed by Sebastian Schipper, is an absolute achievement in filmmaking. The film is done in one continuous shot, which results in you being eased into the world of the film, and then slowly having it build to the intensive experience that it becomes. You’re along for the whole ride, and this means that when it’s all said and done, you’re more than overwhelmed by all that the film offers. I’m excited to get this review underway, as there is some good stuff to talk about. Read more

Review – Ip Man 3

Ip Man 3

Ip Man 3, directed by Wilson Yip, is another solid entry in the Ip Man franchise. Back again is the flawless fight choreography that has made the films so famous and so loved. But Ip Man 3 finally offers up something that has been missing from the previous films and that is a meaningful exploration of the relationship between Ip man and his wife, Cheung Wing-sing. As with all the Ip Man films, there are some missteps along the way, but there’s also something wholly endearing about it all. So let’s dive into Ip Man 3 and see how it shapes up. Read more

Review – Warcraft: The Beginning

Warcraft The Beginning

Warcraft: The Beginning, directed by Duncan Jones, is a film that offers up some enjoyable action and a world that is crying out to be explored more – mainly because of how interesting of a taste it gives us is – but unfortunately this is a film that has been butchered in the editing room, and most of it has been left on the cutting room floor. This means much of the film is overlooked or missing and that results in a film that feels half-baked. But let’s dive a little deeper and see where the film goes wrong… and where it gets somethings right. Read more

Review – The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys, directed by Shane Black, is an absolute joy to watch. This is a film that is filled with greatly defined characters, the stylistic look of the 70’s, and a story that keeps you (for the most part) engaged. The Nice Guys is one of those films that you just settle into and enjoy; no hassle, no boredom. So what is it that works so well in the film and what is it that doesn’t? Let the review begin, and we’ll see what’s what. Read more

Review – Youth


Youth, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, is a film filled with such life and also such tragedy. Sorrentino has a way of filling his films with characters and imagery that just immediately standouts and catches the eye. Some elements of the film do slightly lose their way and slow the film down, but this is a film that, in way, is impossible to not focus fully on. So let’s get the review on the go, and let the good and the bad of it be seen. Read more

Review – Money Monster

Money Monster

Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster, is a film that very early on loses what it wants to be. A larger, less human story takes over and leaves a lot behind, and in the middle of it all are characters that are woefully underdeveloped and at times overlooked. There are problems to dissect, so let’s get to it. Read more