Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, directed by Christopher McQuarrie is a bland, uneventful experience. Stale action scenes, predictable plot lines and weak characters all make for a formulaic film that has been seen many times before.

Ethan Hunt, played by the unbreakable Tom Cruise, is once again on the hunt to stop a world threatening terrorist. Joined again by; Benji Dunn, played by Simon Pegg, William Brandt, played by Jeremy Renner and Luther Stickell, played by Ving Rhames, the team who have been shut down by the American Government, must go at it alone in the hopes of taking down a mysterious organisation called the Syndicate.

Certainly some of the most enjoyable moments in the film are with Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg. The witty chemistry that both the actors and characters seem to have is something that helps bring some of the fun to the film. The bond that both Benji and Hunt have, plus the polar opposite nature of both characters, means that some pretty funny moments occur between them. There is a car chase scene that immediately comes to mind and perfectly highlights how well they both play off one another. The film could have done with much more funny and exciting scenes like this.

The newcomer to Rogue Nation, Isla Faust, played by Rebecca Fergusson, is a character who has a hint of an interesting dilemma/plot. Sadly the overall use of the character ends up being nothing more than eye candy shots. Too many times does the film needlessly focus on gratuitous shots of the character, instead of actually trying to develop the new addition to the franchise. It’s disappointing because the film sets her up as a person who we are unsure if we trust. The back and forth of her character from good to bad does introduce some mystery, but it never really goes anywhere and soon just becomes another after thought in the overall film.

More or less every other character in the film plays some pretty insignificant roles. Relegated to be exposition spouts or last minute rescuers, there isn’t really anything of great add-on from the rest of the cast. This is once again disappointing, Renner for example seems to have some fun when playing his character and he fits in nicely with the Hunt/Benji dynamic. In the end he’s under used and like most of the other characters gets lost in the film.

I mean this is another big summer film where the antagonist of it, is for the most part missing. Rogue Nation makes no attempt to set up or aid you in understanding anything about the villain. Sean Harris who plays bad guy Solomon Lane is a great actor, yet he is completely under used. By the end of the film I knew just as little as when it began. I felt no rewarding sigh of release when he lost, it was more of a passive shrug. This can’t keep being the case, we can’t keep having our villains be forgotten in the films where it is imperative that we have some understanding of them. It’s ridiculous at this point.

Perhaps the most disappointing (there’s that word again) thing about Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is its lacklustre action. Compared to previous Mission: Impossible outings, Rogue Nation misses the ball almost completely when well done or exciting action is concerned. Not even the impressive plane stunt (which you’ve now all seen a few dozen times in the trailers or advertisements) can make up for the wonky CGI chase scenes or incomprehensible fight sequences. What may be the most egregious (didn’t use disappointing that time) thing about Rogue Nations action is that sadly… it’s boring. Not in a while have I been so underwhelmed by car chases, shoot outs and life ending heists. In the end everything melds into one big unexciting mess.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation drops the ball big time. This film is a contender for being one of my least favourite of the franchise (apart from the second of course, boy that’s bad). I was looking forward to Rogue Nation, I like Tom Cruise as an actor and I like his films, but something went a miss in this film, and made for a very underwhelming time.

I won’t be recommending Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The film misses all the important beats of a big fun action film. Ultimately this is a film that fails.

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