After what I personally felt was the best episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series with Episode 4, Telltale continues the streak of having another brilliant episode, though if it is superior to the last, is something I’m still not sure on. Episode 5 brings the fun to play action sequences, but also offers the player with some of the toughest decisions they’ve had to make yet. Despite the usual technical snafus that plague every Telltale game, Episode 5 certainly brings the rewarding experiences that many have come to expect/enjoy.

After the suspenseful ending to Episode 4, I Was really excited to see how the beginning to the new episode would play out. It was sadly a little underwhelming, and is perhaps the most predictable segment of the episode. Though it is always exhilarating to have the mad man that is Ramsay Snow appear, he wasn’t really utilised to his full effect.

Happily the rest of the episode is a blast to play through, despite the noticeably shorter running time for this episode, and the also noticeable lower amount of time spent with certain characters. It is Asher who dominates the episode, and while at first I wasn’t really enthused with his segments, more recent episodes have certainly changed that opinion. So as usual the witty bantering and the exciting sword play returns in his segments, and thankfully with the fine tuning that these moments have received, the action is much more fluid and fun to play through. It also doesn’t hurt getting to have the battle of words with Daenerys Targaryen.

Surprisingly, the rest of the characters don’t get as much time as they usually do (there is a reason for this, but to say would spoil certain parts). Thankfully the time that is spent with the rest of the Forrester does not disappoint. I’m fully on board with Mira’s contribution to the story now (no more tedious discussions about whose betrothed to whom). Mira has an important part to play, and the strong willed nature of the character makes her a fun one to use when going toe to toe with some of the worst that King’s Landing has to offer.

Gared certainly has the least to do in this episode, and I’m still not fully on board with his story and where it’s leading, but the introduction of Cotter’s sister, Sylvi has certainly helped to instil some new blood into what where becoming some very repetitive conversations.

Though I was surprised to see Rodrik not have as much time as he has usually gotten, when those end credits rolled, I fully understood why. Now that’s not to say that he doesn’t have anything of worth to contribute, the opposite in fact. With Rodrik’s story advancements, there are some scary, yet exciting things a foot.

Is Episode 4 of Game of Thrones still my favourite? I would say yes, but Episode 5 is still a really good episode. One that shakes things up massively, and leading into the final episode, I couldn’t be more excited for the finale.


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