Batgirl A Matter of Family DLC

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s first big DLC, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, developed by WB Montreal and not Rocksteady is a disappointingly short experience. Though the fun and engaging gameplay returns, the DLC does little to give the player reason to want to see it through to the end.

In this DLC you play as Batgirl, accompanied also by Robin as you both set out on a mission to save Commissioner Gordon and a handful of his men from the sadistic clutches of Joker. The story (which takes place before the events of Arkham Asylum) sees you heading to Joker’s funland, an abandoned amusement park that is now filled with henchman and the usual assortment of collectibles for you to deal with.

As with all Arkham based games, the gameplay is one of the most rewarding parts and though Batgirl doesn’t have as much variety in how she plays, there is always that inherent fun from dispatching a group of thugs. Having said that, what certainly wasn’t as fun as it usually is, where the predator sections of the DLC. There are noticeably fewer gadgets at your disposal, which in turn makes the encounters with enemies become a little samey after a while. Not having the wealth of gadgets like I did in the Arkham Knight Campaign left me a little strapped for new and fun ways to dispatch with a wandering group of bad guys.

What is also clearly missing from the first DLC, is what was one of the best parts of the of the Arkham Knight game, a compelling story that deserves every ounce of your attention. With the game clocking in at 1 hour to finish, 2 hours to 100% it, the games story barely gets going before it already finished. It’s really disappointing because with what it seemed like this DLC may be touching on story wise (The Killing Joke) this could have been a really meaty, and heart wrenching piece of DLC to play through. That is very much not the case.

Sadly that’s kind of it for this Batgirl DLC. Yes it has the fun gameplay that you’re used to, but it strips away some of the things that help with the variety in certain encounters, and outside of combat, it doesn’t give you much in the way to do, except maybe some really easy hacking sections. There is also the sliver of a story that the game offers, one that no one should rush to experience.

It’s disappointing to say, but I don’t think I can recommend the Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC. What I will say though, if you have the season pass already, then go ahead and play it, might as well, but non season pass owners should not cough up the money that Warner Bros are unfairly charging for the DLC, it is not worth it.

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