Review – Homesman

The Homesman

The Homesman, directed and starring Tommy Lee Jones is a western that feels true to its roots. This is a film that doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of the time and is one that probably won’t leave you with the warmest of feelings at the end of it but is one that brilliantly brings you into the times and takes you on a journey across the lawless plains of America. The film is hampered by some wonky storytelling and a cast of characters who while they receive adequate screen time never really seem to hit the mark, but Homesman does do a competent job of bringing you along on its difficult and heart breaking adventure. Read more


Review – Telltale’s Game of Thrones Ep.3 – The Sword in the Darkness


Episode 3 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones ‘The Sword in The Darkness’ may be the weakest episode yet of the run, delivering very few interesting or compelling developments in not only the overarching plot but also the smaller more confined ones as well. It also seems that the cracks may be starting to show in the way in which the game jumps from character to character (story to story) as now some are becoming much more interesting to follow while others are becoming slightly dull to play through. With Episode 3 being the middle of the road things for this season, things seem to linger rather than expand on what has so far been a great achievement in making you feel like a part of the Game of Thrones series. Read more

Review – ’71


’71, directed by Yann Demange and starring Jack O’Connell is an intense and at times raw film that expertly drops you in the violent situation of Belfast in 1971. Despite a few missteps on the part of the structuring and some under developed supporting characters in the film, ’71 concisely gets across the story and the message that it wants to tell and with some wonderful camera work, brilliant performances and a realism that this type of film deserves, ’71 certainly delivers a powerful experience. Read more

Review – Chappie


Chappie, written and directed by Neil Blomkamp is a film that Blomkamp fans have come to expect from him. At its core is a brilliant concept, one that is a staple of Sci-fi films and Blomkamp approaches it in his own unique way and for the most part succeeds in his exploration of it, but with a story that doesn’t drive the film properly and a structure that does a disservice to its world and the characters means that Chappie is a film that comes with some major issues. Read more

Series in Review – House of Cards Season 3

House of Cards

Warning: This review will contain spoilers for season 3 of House of Cards. So if you haven’t finished it yet, perhaps bookmark this and return to it once you have.

The Netflix delivered show, House of Cards has returned and boasts a strong season for its characters and its actors but it is also a season that comes with some struggling story lines that don’t necessarily always pay off and at times completely lose themselves. Still though, this new season does deliver the level of quality that fans have come to expect from previous seasons and its varying assortment of cast members certainly aid that level of quality and keep things somewhat on track, even when parts of the show begin to get away from itself. Read more