Following on from a very strong opening episode to Telltale’s Game of Thrones, the new episode, ‘The Lost Lords’ brings us some new and interesting characters to play as, but also brings some of the baggage that other Telltale games are known for. It is an episode filled with poignancy and action, but does it keep the consistency and intrigue of the first episode?

The new episode of GoT (Game of Thrones) starts off much the same as the last, an all-out action scene in which your ability to press the correct buttons in time is tested. Now I’m not someone who is completely turned off my quick time events (if they’re done well) but in this episode in particular of GoT I noticed a distinct thing happen over and over again, no matter if I hit the correct button, or didn’t swipe exactly when I was supposed to, the game never seemed to register my responses accurately enough. To be exact, when I would noticeably fail the quick time event or blatantly hit the wrong button, the game would continue on as usual and no real consequence would come from my failings. This seems like an odd thing to gripe about but it feels cheap when the game is obviously holding my hand through certain points in the game and I very much don’t want/need it to. Let me fail, perhaps show a significant consequence to me not hitting the button in time, or just fail me on the section completely and send me back to the previous checkpoint. I would just prefer it if Telltale would get a little more consistency with the action orientated moments and get the levels of response finer tuned to the flow of the gameplay.

Despite the continuous issues that Telltale seem to have with their action filled moments in their games (though they have improved significantly over the years) what they always nail is characters. The new episode of GoT is no different, bringing some new characters into the world for you to experience. I cannot reveal who one of the characters is that you play in the second episode as it would be a significant spoiler but what I will say is that it may already be my favourite character to play as in the game.

The new character that I can talk a little about and who you are introduced to in the game is ‘Asher Forrester’, the development for Asher isn’t as strong as some of the other have been in their introductions, the majority of his time is taken up with the frustrating action segments that I was talking about earlier, but the ground work has certainly still been laid. With Asher being on the other side of the world in Yunkai (the area in which Daenerys Targaryen is located, though she makes no appearance in the game) will certainly make for interesting travels and it also seems that a lot of his time will be spent traveling home and so this should mean that a lot more of the eastern part of the world will be explored.

The already introduced characters from the first episode return and continue to be as enjoyable and interesting to play as, learning more of what paths they are on and making those crucial decisions continues to captivate and scare me. I also still love that unlike any other of the Telltale games this one has you constantly jumping back and forth; sometimes I would prefer the game to settle on characters for a little more and not jump around as often as it does but I’m still enjoying the continuously refreshing landscapes and story lines. Especially the ones that give us the chance to explore some of the most famous areas from the TV show and give us some one on one time with some fan favourite characters.

Plot wise, episode 2 certainly delivers. Slowly unravelling the mysteries, combating some of the more insidious characters with my words and learning more of what makes the world of Westeros tick is a joy. Not much development is necessarily being made at this time, more laying the foundation, but it is still exciting to be a part of the scheming in this world, back stabbing and bribing with some of the most popular characters from the show is a particular highlight. Telltale really understands this world and the story they are weaving continues to build in expectation and dread.

Telltale’s second episode of Got was on par with the first. I wasn’t necessarily blown away with anything like I was in the first and the painted art style is still very distracting and out of place but Telltale’s penchant for brilliant character development  and a story that is as compelling as the books/TV show means that I will love to come back to this game for quite a while.

I would happily recommend Telltale’s Game of Thrones game to anyone and fans of the first episode will certainly be happy to see a lot of what the loved from the first, continue into the second.


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