Review – Fury


David Ayer’s ‘Fury’ is a tense, thrilling ride that takes its time in settling you into the understandably rough environment of 1945 Nazi Germany. Moving the film along is a cast of actors/characters that are brilliantly used and are easily pulling at your heart strings by the films end. Read more


Review – Gone Girl


Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this film it is going to be difficult to review it without some mild spoilers. I will of course mark them out so you can avoid them, or if you just wish to see the film knowing nothing then bookmark this review and feel free to return to it once you’ve seen the film.

‘Gone Girl’ is another brilliant example of how David Fincher can take almost any subject and make it an engaging, tense-filled experience and does it with the technical mastery of film making that I do so very much love from him. Read more

Review – Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Monolith’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a game that liberally borrows attributes from other games, Batman Arkham Asylum, Assassins Creed etc. Now Shadow of Mordors attempts at these are not as polished or responsive as these other games but having played the game for 20 hours so far I can definitely say that there is something inherently fun about what the game does and all I want to do is keep playing the small but gameplay filled world. Read more