X-Men Days of Future Past (DOFP) is a fun, smart film that kept me entertained throughout. So after a rocky road for the X-Men films with such disasters like ‘X-Men The Last Stand’ and X-‘Men Origins Wolverine’ the franchise seems to be back on a path of having solid films that are certainly worth seeing (The Wolverine, X-Men First Class) and Days of Future Past is certainly one of those X-men films.

Bringing the casts from the old and new films together, Bryan Singer has brought the magic of these two, too another level. Having Sir Patrick Stewart and the rest of the original cast reprise their roles brings a nice sense of nostalgia for fans of the old X-men films, me included and also having the newer line up of cast members means you have the stellar acting from McAvoy and Fassbender which is always a plus. The only issue that comes from having so many actors playing a varying range of characters is the fact that some will not get the extended screen time that some may be hoping for Sir Ian Mckellan being a prime example of this having only a few scenes and even less dialogue.

The film also boasts an ambitious and elaborate plot which sees Wolverine traveling back in time to save the future. Not being one who always enjoys a time travel story, mainly because of how convoluted and messy things can get I was pleasantly happy with how this one turned out. There actually seems to be some logic behind everything they are doing and not just doing things for the sake of making a big blockbuster film, which is refreshing. It is also a plus that DOFP doesn’t follow the trend that so many of these summer blockbuster films seem to be and that is levelling cities in some large unnecessary final battle and instead focusing on the concise story that they were wanting to tell and using the stellar cast of actors/characters to do so.

The ending to DOFP however is slightly frustrating but I can see why it was done the way it was (No spoilers of course). Using the time travel element of the film Bryan Singer rights some of the wrongs that were made in previous films, decisions that did need to be fixed but when they finally happen it does all feel a little too convenient and that did leave a bit of a sour taste. Was the whole point of this film so that they could fix some timeline errors and keep the cash rolling in and not to tell a fun and engaging story with a great line up of actors, I hope not?

So with some nicely timed bits of humour, some wonderfully acted dramatic scenes, a plot that keeps you on your toes and a visual look that though not always eye grabbing it is a film that should be seen, I have doubts if any of the other summer blockbusters that are to come this year will have the same high points as this film.

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