When I finished up episode 2 of The Walking Dead I was left frustrated and annoyed by many aspects of the episode and was wondering if the great consistency that Telltale had kept up was going to falter. Well I’m happy to say that isn’t the case as episode 3 is definitely the strongest and most satisfying episode in season 2.

At the end of episode 2 we are formally introduced to the infamous Carver and from this introduction we finally understand why he is as feared as he is. Well in episode 3 the character of Carver is turned up to 11. With his unwavering morals and his penchant for random acts of violence, every moment that he is on screen is unpredictable and a joy to play. Having this character really helps to elevate the episode and it doesn’t hurt that he reminds you a little of the frighteningly charming Governor from the graphic novels and TV series.

Unlike the previous episode Clementine is back to being her badass self. Actually having consequences for her actions this time and also being more centric to the plot in this episode keeps you as engaged as you’d expect/want. What also helps is depending on some of your decisions in this episode you can take the character to some very dark places which in any other situation wouldn’t be that big of a deal but with it being an 11 year old girl it makes for some more poignant and shocking moments.

What this episode also has going for it is its strong and engaging story line throughout. Though it is simple it’s fun and interesting to follow and as always with The Walking Dead it has some brilliantly intense moments, some of which will leave you opened jawed and wondering how they’ll deal with it in the upcoming episode.

What once again did take me out of the experience where some dodgy loading times and some frame rate issues, though not as bad as in the previous season they still do affect the flow of the game, especially in some of the higher octane moments.

The gameplay is as you’d expect in a Walking Dead game, with some simple fetch quests or in depth conversations with other characters it all there for the people who like playing it (me included). What I did want to touch upon is the moments where you are in combat. In earlier episodes or even in the first few episodes of Telltales other game ‘The Wolf Among Us’ these moments felt clumsy and weren’t exactly helped by the frame rate issues but this time round Telltale seem to have made the effort to clean these moments up and they were certainly smoother to play through and certainly more satisfying when pulled off correctly.

Overall I was extremely happy with the third episode of The Walking Dead and as I stated earlier it is definitely the best to date. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment.

One thought on “Review – The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 3

  1. Unlike the so called ‘Child of Light’, this game truly represents our Lord and Saviour as a younger individual.

    When I saw your comments regarding ‘Clementine’, I knew you had inadvertently stumbled upon the truth of the matter.

    That’s right, dear reviewer. Clementine is the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.

    How, you ask, can a man become a young girl so readily? Well, it’s not exactly the first time our boy JC has done stuff like this. He’s forever transcending reality, turning water into wine and shit.

    So yeah, repent!! THE TIME IS NIGH




    How about a lovely beverage? I hear Coke™ is good this time of year.

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