Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a surprisingly sweet and challenging little game. I’m afraid to say that when I first decided to give the game ago, I was not expecting much. What I instead ended up experiencing was a game with a great amount of character and heart and some gameplay that always kept a refreshing and fun angle too it.

When you first sit down to play Two Sons the first thing you’ll notice is the unique style of gameplay. In the game you control two brothers at the same time, one with each joystick. This decision is a little disorientating at first but once you get the hang of what you need to do the gameplay can actually be pretty rewarding, especially when you complete one of the games many challenging platforming moments. I don’t think the game would have been as enjoyable if Starbreeze Studios had decided to go with a common gameplay choice and have the player just switch back and forth between each brother (Lego game style) its these creative decisions that has made this such  a stand out game.

The story and characters in Two Sons are once again an interesting situation. All the characters in the game speak no language that exists. They speak in the same vain as Sims (Gibberish). This decision once again adds to the game in a charming and unique way and because of the lack of understandable speech, you as the gamer will be left to interpret the story for yourself. Though it isn’t a story that is too difficult to understand it’s still an enjoyable little ride with an ending that caught me off guard and stuck with me long after finishing the game.

Another notable point of Two Sons is the world itself. The world that you travel through is so diverse and at times genuinely stunning, also aided by the game fully endorsing its fantasy setting you will get to explore areas that almost feel like a character in its own right.

One complaint I would have with the game is the price, for how long the game takes to finish (3hrs 30min) and how much it costs £12.99 the barrier for some people is the whole bang for your buck situation. Many people may not want to buy Two Sons because of the onetime experience that it is and the game time does not necessarily compliment how much you’ll end up paying. This is a shame because Two Sons didn’t do stellar in sales and anything that would help in getting the game into peoples library is a plus.

I would very much recommend this game to anyone. It was an experience that kept me engrossed from the opening to the end and the journey that you go on over the three and a half hour span was an unexpected treat. Two Sons is a unique and joyful little experience and I can’t wait to see what more will come from creative lead ‘Josef Fares’ and the team at Starbreeze Studios.

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