When I reviewed the first episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead game I was happy that Telltale had been able to keep up the high standards of Season 1. Also that they were able to build upon it by having a completely new character who is 11 years old and not have that aspect cause story or gameplay to suffer. Unfortunately with Episode 2 I don’t feel that Telltale has been able to keep that consistency up.

When I reviewed the first episode of season 2 one of my main complaints with it was the technical hiccups that I kept running into (screen tears, loading issues). I’m happy to say that with episode 2 it seems that Telltale have made the effort to irradiate these problems. During my play through of the episode 2 I didn’t seem to encounter any major technical issues that removed me from the experience and my entire time with the game seemed to run smoothly. Now I could be in the minority in that situation, there may be people out there who ran into problems with the game and I was just lucky to not have any, further time with the game or finding out how others peoples experience with the episode went shall of course clear that up.

So yes having the game run smoothly and without issue was a plus when playing though the game, where this episode faltered for me was the characters and the story, two very important aspects when it comes to these games. When I finished episode 1 I was interested in the varying dynamics between the characters and I was looking forward to seeing where the story was going to go. When I finished episode 2 I was left feeling confused and disjointed by the way in which characters were going and a little disinterested by the direction of the story.

My main issue with the second episode was our main character, Clementine. Apart from some forced gameplay moments, Clementine felt like an afterthought in this episode, someone who was of no real consequence to the events that were happening. I understand that it is important to build up your supporting group of characters but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do this at the expense of the main protagonist, especially the one you are controlling. To give an example of what I’m meaning, the episode has a situation where a secondary character makes a major decision within the episode, with this decision you have no say in the playing out of this scenario, you have no way of stopping it and it is resolved with almost no input or say from you. The entire story line takes place while you just seem to stand there and watch it happen.

Overall I felt disappointed with this episode, even with the improvements on the backend this episode seemed like filler, an episode that was just setting up things, things that you didn’t have a say in having. I do hope that the next episode returns to what has worked so well previously. It’s definitely strange how polar opposite the review of this episode was compared to episode 1.


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